‘Bureaucratic Simplicity Act of 2021’ introduced

Sen. Frank Blas Jr. (file photo)

Senators Frank Blas Jr. and James C. Moylan have introduced Bill 64-36 called the ‘Bureaucratic Simplicity Act of 2021.’

The legislation would require government agencies to review business laws and regulations within their jurisdiction which are deemed as cost-prohibitive, ineffective, outdated, redundant, or simply enhance barriers to entry, and to provide recommendations to the Guam Legislature to amend or remove the unnecessary bureaucratic red tape.

According to Sen. Blas, the pandemic has forced everyone to look at how we do government, and it also changed how the community conducts business as well.

“We must work together with the executive branch to further reduce regulatory burdens on our citizens and businesses. This must become a cyclical practice to continue to examine all our laws to streamline and improve government services for all of Guam,” Blas said.

He added: “The goal of the legislation is to make it easier for people to get the government services they need and to reduce the regulatory burden on job creators to encourage investment, boost Guam’s competitiveness, and get more Guamanians back to work. The pandemic has forced many to make things work, we must now look at how we can encourage small macro start-ups and outside investors to come open up shop on Guam.”