Burglary at the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Christmas night

Police investigators gather evidence and take photos of the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Tamuning which was broken into on Christmas Day. (Photo courtesy Salvation Army)
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The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Tamuning was robbed on Christmas night.

The thief or thieves made off with an estimated $5,000 dollars worth of items, according to Salvation Army Major Tom Stambaugh.

“Its just sad,” said Thrift Store Manager Doris Young “that someone would come in and take away from an organization that  gives back to the community.”

Young said it’s believed the break-in occur-ed shortly after 10 p.m. Wednesday night. That’s when the alarm went off. When she and others arrived to open the Thrift Store Thursday morning the alarm was still sounding.

She explained that it rings to a private firm who notified a store employee but it was believed to be a false alarm so police were not contacted until this morning.

Officials believe the thieves tried to get through the front entrance to the store using a power drill but failed because it was bolted from the inside.  They then went to the side delivery door and pried it open.

Musical instruments, cloths, and other items were stolen.

Proceeds from the sale of donated items help fund Salvation Army Programs like the Lighthouse Recovery program, Family Services, the Homeless Management Information System and the food pantry.

“This cripples our ability to help raise funds for people in need,” said Maj. Stambaugh.

The Guam Police Department has not yet released a statement on the burglary.

The thrift store was closed Thursday and will remain closed Friday. It is scheduled to re-open on Saturday.