ByFusion Partnership with Gov. Guam


Today, PNC caught up with ByFusion CEO and Founder Heidi Kujawa on its partnership with the government of Guam and their plans.

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story…

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Last year, PNC reported that the Government of Guam was looking to partner up with Byfusion, a company that takes plastics 1 through 7 to create ByBlocks. The partnership would help address the plastic problem on the island.

Plastics are a large contributor to climate change in part because of the amount of time it takes for them to break down. Depending on the material and structure of the plastic, it could take anywhere between 20 and 500 years to decompose.

Meanwhile, plastic pollution that ends up in the ocean poses ecological risks to wildlife and humans, notably, in the form of microplastics. ByBlocks would help mitigate these effects.

At first glance, ByBlocks may be seen as an impossible product for construction on the island due to the different natural disasters that may occur more frequently on the island. Compared to the mainland, environmental disasters like floods, typhoons, and other tropical storms occur are more commonplace. Understandably, these disasters have a substantial impact on our infrastructure.

According to Kujawa, ByBlocks are a reinforce-able product that has threaded steel within the plastic to help create an additional support system. Through building codes and mandates on specific geographical data Byfusion is able to test and obtain information on whether or not this product may be viable in the Pacific region predominantly the island chains.

Kujawa references a project built in Hawaii where ByBlocks were used to construct a pavilion for a local elementary school using marine debris off the beaches of Kauai. The structure is used as a sports complex for students to play when weather conditions may not be suitable for outside usage. She adds that the integrity of the structure is still very much intact just like the first day it was built.

Being able to power local communities to take control of their waste to use and service the needs of the community is an important part of the partnership with the government of guam.

The first goal of Byfusion is to get the systems on island and train the necessary local employees to manage and operate. Then to train the builders how to build structures with it to help wrap the continued success of the program.

Byblocks help create a cost efficient value to construction by reducing the time needed to construct structures and reduce the amount of raw material needed to support the construction.