CAAF Workshop Address ATM Future


Suva, Fiji – In preparation for the 12th Air Navigation Conference to be held in Montreal in November, aviation professionals from Pacific states of the ICAO APAC region took part in a four-day workshop in May held at CAAF headquarters.

To ensure international compatibility and performance improvements the workshop focused on the planning and implementation of air navigation systems based on Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) methodology.

[Terry Atalifo (Fiji Meterological Services), Ratu Ilaitia Tabakaucoro; (CAAF Air Traffic Management Inspector) and Josareki Temo (Ministry of Strategic Planning, National Development and Statistics) at the workshop]

ASBU is a method to achieve standardisation of Air Traffic Management (ATM) performance worldwide to ensure that all systems are compatible with each other, and that all aircraft have been modernised.

It is expected that to achieve this standardisation of the world’s air transportation system will cost $120 billion over the next ten years.

Countries that attended from the Pacific were Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu. Mr Saulo Da Silva and Mr. H.V. Sudarshan from ICAO headquarters in Montreal Canada conducted the workshop.