Cabot Will Join Phillips Motion to Remand Election Case to Superior Court


Guam – While it remains to be seen which courtroom the Guttierez/Aguon lawsuit against the GEC will be held in, GEC attorney Cesar Cabbot says it doesn’t matter.



Cabbot filed a motion on behalf of the GEC to remove the case from the superior court and have it tried only in the district court. He says this was done to consolidate the cases putting them into one courtroom before one judge in order to save time, resources, and money. On the other hand Calvo/Tenorio attorney Mike Phillips has asked to move the case from district court to superior court.


“Quite frankly the GEC doesn’t care which forum we have to litigate it before they’re both equally capable and we will defend this in any courtroom so if Mike Phillips wants to remand this back to the superior court then so be it. In fact the GEC will join in his motion for remand but that doesn’t change the fact that now we’re before two different forums and now we’ll have to litigate two separate cases and that of course will be more expensive but if that’s what they want that’s what we’ll give them,” said Cabbot.


In fact Cabbot says they have just filed a motion to join in on Attorney Mike Phillips’ motion to remand the case back to the superior court.