Cabras Marina Tenants Want Their Road Fixed, But Who Will Fix It?



With puddles a foot deep in several areas, tenants docked at the Cabras marina say the road to their businesses needs to be fixed. But with no one in the government willing to foot the bill, the road continues to deteriorate.


Guam – Traveling to the docks at the Cabras Marina has not gotten any easier. Pnc revealed the deteriorating road conditions over the summer and today found the situation has only gotten worse.

Several tour companies rely on the roadway with 75 tourists bused in to visit the Atlantis Submarine per day but that’s not the only tour company impacted by the road’s conditions.

Micronesian Divers Association President Lee Webber says his customers frequently complain about the struggle to get to the MDA dock.

“You could probably get water in your car going through these things, they’re that deep,” Webber told PNC. “I Just think that its something that needs doing and it’s needed doing for probably the last 15 years.”

The Port Authority pours gravel to fill in the holes from time to time but heavy rains always wash it away.

Port General Manager Joann Brown says that’s the only interim measure the port can take as the Guam Power Authority owns the land the road is on.

But GPA PIO Art Perez wouldn’t even call it a roadway. He says it was designated as a maintenance pathway to the fuel pipeline when it was deeded to GPA in 1976.

But Webber says someone needs to fix the roadway and he hopes government agencies can come up with some compromise.

“It’s still all the Government of Guam,” he said. “Let’s fix this road.”

Guam Visitors Bureau General Manager Karl Pangelinan told PNC today that while GVB does sometimes take on Capital Improvement Projects no funds are available for the roadway in their Fiscal Year ’15 budget. He did say however that he and GVB are open to discussing the situation with stakeholders.

“The reality is that the road to gun beach is fine, a lot of tourists go there. The road to Two Lovers Point is fine, a lot of tourists go there,” said Webber. “The road to Gerberville is not fine, a lot of tourists go down here.”