Cabrera: ‘Prosecutor is lying!’

Liana Cabrera is one of 13 defendants indicted in the Department of Corrections contraband conspiracy case.
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Liana Cabrera is speaking out and wants to set the record straight, telling PNC in an exclusive interview that an assertion made to the court by the Attorney General’s office was a lie.

Last July, prosecutor Jeremy Kemper told Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola that Liana Cabrera had been apprehended by the FBI in Texas based on information he had at the time.

Cabrera, who is one of 13 defendants indicted in the Department of Corrections contraband conspiracy case, says that Kemper’s statement is not true.

“I asked him why he had said that the FBI had picked me up, because it seemed like he was aiding and abetting my whereabouts and he didn’t respond. He told me that he was unable to talk to me. I have never been picked up by the FBI,” Cabrera said.

Cabrera believes Kemper may have based the assertion on claims made by Troy Torres on his website which she says indicated that the FBI was going to pick her up. She also believes the AG wanted to incite fear.

“I assume they want to scare the rest of the defendants into signing a plea agreement by letting them believe that they got me, and that I am going to cooperate with them, which is crazy because I don’t know any of the people involved in that case except for Roxanne Hocog,” Cabrera said.

And Cabrera says she only knows Hocog because they are related.

“As long as I am in custody or whatever by the feds they can go ahead and close the case because it will be hard for them to sentence the rest of the individuals without my presence,” Cabrera said.

Cabrera said she is speaking up now because she is tired of the lies and believes the AG should be held responsible for misleading the court.

“I just really want them to know that I was never picked up by the feds. If we’re going to get in trouble because we lied or falsified a statement or even lied to a judge or whatever … the case may be perjury or whatever … I think everybody should be held accountable for the same thing, especially Jeremy Kemper, he’s supposed to be held to high standards,” Cabrera said.

PNC has reached out to the Attorney General’s Office for a response but because the case is active they were unable to provide comment.

Cabrera is charged in the DOC contraband case with hindering apprehension and possession of a scheduled two controlled substance.


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