Cabrera starts Saipan Humane Society to bring veterinarians to CNMI

Lauren Cabrera, president of Guam Animals In Need, posed with a stray dog in a kennel in the Yigo animal care facility. Photo courtesy of GAIN

Pet owners in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands might have some aid soon with a new non-profit organization coming out to bring in veterinarians to the CNMI.

An issue that the Commonwealth has been struggling with for several years.

Named “Saipan Humane Society,” the Pacific News Center had a chance to speak to the non-profit’s founder Lauren Cabrera, who is also the new president of Guam Animals In Need or more commonly known as GAIN.

“On Saipan a survey showed we have around 20,000 dogs several years ago, which is a lot for a tiny island. We have no veterinarian who is providing clerical to the community,” said Cabrera, who also is the co-founder of Boonie Flight Project.

Saipan and the rest of the CNMI, similar to Guam, have the stray dog problems.

Unlike Guam, the CNMI does not have a public or private veterinarian.

With pet owners having to wait until a vet from Guam or elsewhere comes to the Commonwealth for their pets to receive proper medical aid.

“People cannot get basic care for their pets,” she said. “So, I started Saipan Humane Society, a new non-profit to meet the needs of the community by doing large scale spay and neuter clinics, similar to what we’re doing at GAIN. Using resources from Guam and from all over the country.”

In a previous interview with Saipan’s other animal non-profit organization, “Saipan Boonie Babies,” founders Grace and Aria Keilbach told PNC that at best they have medication to keep pets stable but not for proper medical care.

According to Saipan Boonie Babies, all it has is clinic that is run by volunteers, with no trained animal veterinarian to aid them.

This is an issue that Cabrera looks to solve with Saipan Humane Society.

“A donor just purchased a microscope for use so we can look at fecal samples, skin samples, blood samples and give more accurate diagnostics for pets and treat them,” she said. “With veterinarians helping us remotely or visiting us.”

Cabrera saids that they started providing services a month ago, and thanks to the need from the community along with the team on board they are hitting the ground running.

For more information, follow the nonprofit @saipanhumanesociety on Facebook and Instagram.