CAHA opens application period for FY 2021 grant cycle


The Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities has announced the opening of its FY 2021 Grant Cycle.

Applications for CAHA Grants and Fellowships are currently being accepted in the following disciplines: Arts-in-Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Folk Arts, Humanities, Literature, Underserved and Media Arts. Project period for the FY 2021 Grant Cycle is October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021.

Special preference will be given to projects that fall within the following grant lines:

1.      Arts & Humanities in Times of Crisis – Literature and the arts have always held a prominent place in helping to define who we are as human beings and in enriching our lives. This is all the more apparent during moments of crisis, like the current COVID-19 pandemic. CAHA is soliciting projects from individuals and groups that consider the role and value of their particular practice during times of crisis. Interpretations of the role the arts and humanities play in society during challenging times. 

2.      Keeping your distance – Exhibitions, showcases, concerts, recitals, book readings and poetry slams all require an audience. How do artists present our work to the community while keeping our distance? CAHA is soliciting projects from individuals and groups who utilize technology such as Internet streaming, podcasts, broadcast mediums, and other vehicles to bring the product of their particular practice to the community while keeping their distance.

3.      Sustaining the Arts & Humanities – With resources stretched to the limit, how can artists make their practice more sustainable? CAHA is soliciting projects that make use of recycled/reused materials and/or natural resources found in Guam. How can artists participate in a circular economy? This grant line also is open to projects that use or discuss the theme of “Sustainability” in their art form.

4.      Arts & Humanities, Identity and Social Justice – In “The Art of Social Justice,” Maria X. Martinez states: “Artists not only document social change; they promote, inform and shape it. Whether through music , plays, graphics, paintings, songs, films, media, architecture, textiles, jewelry, photography, poetry, sculpture, pottery, landscapes, written word, spoken word, or dance, art is powerful. . . Art is the intellectual underpinnings of social change; nowhere is there more potential and more need for art than here and now.” Artists and their art can promote social justice, mitigate disparities, bring people together, and build healthy neighborhoods. CAHA is seeking projects that demonstrate this

In lieu of the required person-to-person grant workshop and to be eligible to receive a grant, it is mandatory that all applicants complete an online quiz after watching a slide show.  The CAHA grant overview quiz, grant workshop PowerPoint slide show and grant materials will be posted online at by June 18, 2020.  Applications with supporting materials must be submitted via email to The deadline is 5 p.m. on July 31, 2020.    For inquiries or more information email