Calling All Volunteers…Guam Needs You!


Guam- The Serve Guam! Commission and its community partners are looking for people who feel like giving back to the island in some fashion.

The commission will be hosting the 3rd Annual Guam Conference on Volunteerism and Service this coming weekend. Program Manager Doris Aguon says it’s open to any organization, business or individual that wants to learn more about starting or expanding service initiatives. The conference also marks the third anniversary of the Guam Volunteer Center. Aguon mentions they are reaching out to everyone because they need volunteers for mentoring and tutoring high school drop outs and training employers to hire individuals with special needs.

“Well, right now, Guam is in a downturn economy…so we need help and we can’t do it by ourselves” said Aguon. “The volunteer center is calling out and reaching out to everyone to please come forward and make a difference.”

The conference takes places at the Marriott hotel this Saturday, August 28. It will run from 9am to 4:30 pm. The commission partnered with AmeriCorps, the University of Guam and the Department of Labor to organize this free event.