Rotary Challenges Calvo & Cruz to Explain Why They’re A Better Choice Than Gutierrez- Aguon


Guam- The morning after their GMA debate, the GOP Gubernatorial rivals were back at it again Thursday before the Rotary Club of Guam..

Senator Eddie Calvo and Lt. Governor Mike Cruz were asked a series of questions on conflicts, education, budget cutting.

But the most controversial question from the members was why they think the GOP teams are better than the democratic gubernatorial team of former Governor Carl Gutierrez and Senator Frank Aguon Jr.

Senator Calvo brought up retirement problems with Government of Guam employees under the Gutierrez administration. He also mentioned his republican team will address many issues of the past left from the former governor’s days in office.

“Remember the days of Hanom Taki? Well, that started with the administration you just mentioned Mr. Flores” said Calvo. “ The way I look at it, whether it’s Mike and Jimmy or Eddie and Ray, it will be a big step from Mr. Gutierrez.”

The Lt. Governor says whoever wins, the Republican Unity Pledge still stands.

As for how his team is better, Cruz gave the example of how, under the Gutierrez administration, the former governor disbanded the Guam Memorial Hospital’s Board of Directors and somehow became both the board and administrator at the same time. He also argued about the number of limited term employees that were assigned to the hospital that shouldn’t have been there. But since then, Cruz says they have taken politics out of the hospital.

“We took politics out of it. You didn’t see us calling up there and asking for jobs or getting people hired or fired. We left them alone” said Cruz. “ So what was not done in 27 years, we were able to do in 3.5 years. So now, GMH has Joint Commission accreditation. Now, very few of you out there believed it. Very few of you felt they could ever do it. But it’s been done.”

The Rotary Club’s Republican Debate was held at the Marriott hotel.