Calvo Administration Proposes to Shut Down Solid Waste Projects


The Calvo Administration is proposing to shut down projects related to the Solid Waste Consent Decree.

Guam – The Calvo Administration is proposing to close projects related to the Solid Waste Consent Decree. They have asked the Federal Courts to permanently close down the Dededo Transfer Station, the Dero Road projects, and the Rt. 4 roadway improvements.

In papers filed in court, the Government of Guam has proposed its own version to finance the Ordot Dump closure and Solid Waste Consent Decree.


First, Attorney Rawlen Mantanona points to Federal Receiver Gershman Brickner and Bratton’s own contention that there is a shortfall in funding because of additional projects GovGuam deemed necessary. If GBB were to fund these additional projects, estimated at $20 million, they would take it out of money currently being used to reimburse GovGuam for debt service on bond payments.

Instead, Mantanona says it would be more feasible to get rid of these projects. This includes the Route 4 safety enhancements, which would cost $6.5 million; and the improvements to Dero Road which would save $8.2 million.

The administration is also proposing to permanently shut down the Dededo Transfer Station, which would save them $3 million.

As an alternative to the Route 4 project, Mantanona proposes to continue using the pilot vehicle escort. This escort costs $12,000 a month, but Mantanona points out it still saves the government more money in the interim.

We “have all determined that Route 4 is no more dangerous than other roads on Guam,” says Mantanona, “that have been prioritized ahead of it.” If this proposal were adopted, Mantanona says GBB would only have to pay $4.2 million plus the $12,000 monthly escort service.




Read GovGuam’s Proposal HERE.