Calvo Administration: “Confident Buildup Remains On Track”


Guam –  The Calvo Administration remains confident that the military buildup remains on track, despite statements this week from Armed Services Subcommittee Chair Senator Claire McCaskill that her committee wants to freeze any further funding for the buildup until DoD produces a Master Plan that clearly details the total costs of their plans to realign forces in East Asia.

Guam Governor Eddie Calvo’s Chief Policy advisor Arthur Clark today [Thursday] issued the following statement to PNC News in response to the McCaskill’s remarks.

“The Senate Armed Services Committee has been requesting an updated Master Plan from the Department of Defense since last December. It’s no surprise that it remains an issue for them.”

“From what we’ve been told by DoD, a draft master plan has already been presented to the committee and the Secretary of Defense, and DoD is working to finalize the master plan to ensure the financial aspects, which understandably have been under scrutiny, are realistic, accurate and comprehensive.”

“We are confident that the buildup remains on track, although we believe the old timelines are just unrealistic as everyone expected.”

“We understand that the 2+2 meeting between the U.S. Secretaries of Defense and State and their Japanese government counterparts, that was supposed to happen in the spring, will occur this summer.  We are looking forward to the outcome of that meeting to provide us with further clarity on the timing and other aspects of the build-up.”

“The administration’s focus continues to be ensuring it is done in the best interest of all Guamanians.”