Calvo and Gutierrez Square Off At Ukudu; 1st of Final 3 Debates


Guam – Eddie Calvo and Carl Gutierrez squared off  Tuesday in front of hundreds of students at Ukkudu Highschool. Ukudu Highschool invited both gubernatorial teams to debate on a number of topics and questions written by the school’s students.

It started off more like the entrance to an Okkodo highschool championship basketball game with both Gubernatorial teams tearing through a paper banner.

Like much of his platform released yesterday former governor Carl Gutierrez focused on the military buildup and the tremendous change it will bring to the island of Guam. Senator Eddie Calvo again pushed his classrooms to careers initiative. Both were asked if they thought Guam DOE should be re-integrated with the DODEA school system. “I don’t really see that happening right now DODEA only concerns themselves with their mission and their force and they’re not about to go step back from where it was before,” said Gutierrez adding “it’s a far fetched thing to see happening its a great ideal and I hope the military will sit down and talk about it.”


Calvo on the other hand said, “I think we should re-integrate. We’re the only territory of the United States where they have a discriminatory practice of the military in one inside the gates for schools and the community segregated for it we are past that in the United States it is our goal and objective that in the long term we bring our people together.”


Gutierrez however rebutted saying that Guam is not the only place in the U.S. where the military and civilian school system is segregated.


The issue of Gov Guam health insurance again came up with Gutierrez calling for a Re-negotiation of the contract and Calvo defending the Gov Guam health insurance contract saying that no other company wanted to do business with the government. Both tried to rally the crowd with their closing “You are the bosses our whole concept of the Guamanian dream is about I believe in you what it says out there in that cafeteria, I believe in you, Ray believes in you and I guarantee you if given the opportunity to serve you as Governor and Lt. Governor we will work to achieve the Guamanian dream and you my dear students and people you are that Guamanian dream thank you and God bless you,” said Calvo.


But, Gutierrez would have the last word. “Failure is not the falling down, failure is if you don’t get up and how many times did they knock us down and how many times did we get up. Sometimes it gets very very tough and sometimes when my wife comes to pick me up and then they knock us down again it gets very hard for us to get up, but guess what ladies and gentlemen. Because we are so close to the people when they knock us down so hard it’s you, the people of Guam, that pick us up because we are all together we are all together on this island we will not be marginalized because this election is not an auction it will not go out to the highest bidder.”