VIDEO: The Real Swearing In Happened Just Past Midnight


Guam – While the inauguration of Governor Eddie Calvo and Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio was held at the Plaza De Espana for all to see, it’s a little known fact that they were both actually sworn in the night before.

Governor’s director of communications Troy Torres says that Governor Eddie Calvo and Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio were sworn in at one minute after midnight on Monday morning. “They were just sworn into office by Judge Michael Bordallo of the superior court and it was done for a couple of reasons,” said Torres.


According to Torres the organic act of Guam stipulates that the new governor is to take office on the first Monday of January. The Calvo/Tenorio team determined that 12:01 am would technically mark the beginning of the first Monday of January. “We didn’t want to have a legal wrangle over who was governor during those 17 hours during 12:01am and 5pm when they would get inaugurated,” explained Torres.


Keep in mind that there has been an intense legal battle over the certification of the election itself and the Supreme Court this weekend issued an order essentially allowing the inauguration to continue as planned. There is also still a case in Guam’s superior court that seeks to overturn the results of the election. However, Torres says the midnight swearing in was done to ensure that everything passed legal muster. “So for homeland security issues and god-forbid there was an emergency that came up something needed to be done and action needed to be taken there needed to be a governor in place but the inauguration happened at five p.m. in front of the people of Guam,” said Torres.



So this means that Calvo officially became the governor at 12:01am Monday morning. Torres also points out that this is not the first time this has been done in fact he says there are other governors who have been sworn into office at midnight including outgoing governor Felix Camacho who also had his election into office challenged in court.