Calvo Appoints Dr. Anita Enriquez to Guam Education Board


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo has appointed Anita Enrique to fill the final slot on the Guam Education Board after withdrawing the name of UOG Professor and former Chuuk Governor Ansito Walter.

Walter’s appointment had to be withdrawn because he is not a U.S. citizen.

Enrique is a public school graduate and University of Guam dean to the Guam Education Board.

A release quotes the governor as saying: “Anita knows the connection between education and the economy, so she is the perfect embodiment of the Classrooms-to-Careers initiative. She also has the finance background that will help our public schools in these tough financial times. I would like to thank her for stepping up to the plate, and giving back to the public school system she graduated from.”

The other board members tapped by Governor Calvo are:

* May Camacho, retired Assistant Superintendent of Special Education

* Barry Mead, assistant professor at Guam Community College

* Dr. Paul Pineda, Pastor and President of St. Paul Christian Schools

* Former Senator Francis Santos, Associate Administrator for StayWell Insurance Guam

More Information

Dr. Enriquez started teaching at the University of Guam in 1995. She was also instrumental in establishing the Pacific Center for Economic Initiatives, an academic group that fosters entrepreneurship and builds local research important for economic forecasting, planning, and industry development. Dr. Enriquez served as the vice chairperson for the Calvo Tenorio transition team’s subcommittee on the Guam buildup and economic development. Currently, she is the Dean for UOG’s School of Business and Public Administration. She holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Guam and a Doctor of Business Administration Degree from United States International University.