Calvo Cancels White House Visit to Address Guam’s Fiscal Crisis


Guam – Governor-elect Eddie Calvo cancelled a trip to the White House last week because of the fiscal crisis facing GovGuam.

In an email response to PNC News, Calvo-Tenorio spokesman Troy Torres provided the following statement from Calvo’s designated Chief of Staff, Frank Arriola who is quoted as saying:

“The governor-elect is attending to a serious and growing financial predicament facing the government of Guam. He will not be going to Washington this month, but he informed the White House he looks forward to meeting the president early next year.”

President Barak Obama had invited Calvo and the other newly elected State Governors to Washington last Thursday.

In addition to the $21 million owed by GMH which is under a state of emergency, GovGuam is $20 million in un-budgeted costs for the new health insurance plan for GovGuam employees and a Federal Court’s order that requires GovGuam to pay another un-budgeted $12.2 million in FY 2011 for court ordered improvements at the Department of Mental Health.