Fiscal Crisis Focus of Governor’s First Weekly Radio Address


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo has ordered all agency heads to identify ways to contain costs and bring in more money to GovGuam. He made the announcement in his first weekly radio address released this morning [Monday].

In his address, the Governor focused on GovGuam’s fiscal crisis. He acknowledged that GovGuam is struggling to pay its bills every day.

Among the steps he announced was a halt to non-critical spending. And he said any further obligations of cash would be stop, unless the spending was found to be “necessary.”


He said that would be the first in a series of steps to fix the “systemic financial problems” and the “structural imbalance of your General Fund.”

“To these ends,” said Calvo, “I will be ordering all agency heads to identify ways to contain costs and to bring in more money to the Government. These measures will be reported to me within a month. And implemented shortly there after.”

“I’m holding my cabinet fully accountable to make this happen,” said the Governor.

The Governor also acknowledged that he has an immediate concern about the fiscal situation at the Guam memorial Hospital saying that he would do “whatever it take within his organic authority to ensure that when you or your loved one goes to Guam Memorial Hospital that you are safe you are cared for and you are served.”



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the governor also talked about the promise of rapid growth which the buildup will bring … but he warned that unless govguam fixes its financial situation … those less fortunate will fall further behind as the pace of the buildup picks up.###