Calvo-Tenorio Announce Senior Staff Appointments


Guam – The governor- and lieutenant governor-elect announce more members to their respective senior management teams:

Governor’s Office                                                           Lieutenant Governor’s Office

Franklin Arriola – Chief of Staff                                        Dong Choe – Chief of Staff

Bernadette Artero – Chief Fiscal Advisor                           Mermae Cepeda – Office & Program Manager

James L. Canto II, Esq. – Legal Counsel                             Taryn Walker – Admin
                                                                                           & Communications Supervisor

Arthur Clark, Esq. – Director of Policy                              Kelly Basilia – Constituent Services Supervisor

Office of the Governor

Artero has been Governor-elect Calvo’s chief financial advisor for many years. She currently serves as his Chief Policy Advisor and as chairwoman of the transition’s finance subcommittee. She headed the Office of Finance and Budget when Governor-elect Calvo chaired the legislature’s finance committee. Artero worked at the Bureau of Budget and Management Research for 25 years. She served as the Budget and Management Administrator.

Attorney Canto is leaving his law firm of 10 years, Shimizu, Canto & Fisher. He has extensive legal experience in administrative law, civil litigation, criminal defense and domestic and family law cases. He worked for the Public Defender’s Office for four years upon returning home, practicing criminal defense and domestic and family law cases. He is a graduate of the University of California Hastings College of the Law.

Attorney Clark is leaving his law firm of 18 years, Calvo & Clark, which he co-founded in 1992. The firm, which started as a two-attorney operation, grew tremendously, expanding its offices to Saipan and San Francisco. He has extensive legal experience in real property law, contracts, government and administrative law and civil litigation. Clark was a sole practitioner before co-founding Calvo & Clark.  He is a graduate of Brigham Young University Law School.

Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Choe served in the U.S. Marine Corps. He currently serves as Lt. Governor-elect Ray Tenorio’s policy advisor in the legislature. He also serves on the transition team’s military buildup subcommittee. He has extensive training in leadership and management, and has managed and supervised Marines in his units.

Cepeda supervises Lt. Governor-elect Tenorio’s office during this senatorial term. She currently leads the lieutenant governor-elect’s constituent services operation.

Walker currently supervises the Governor’s Central Files Office and Operations Division. She previously worked in the Governor’s Communications Office as an office manager and writer, and also worked for the Guam Legislature. She held managerial positions in both the public and private sectors for more than 15 years.

Basilia joined the lieutenant governor-elect’s senatorial office this year. Prior to that she worked at Sanctuary, Inc. as an outreach worker for four-and-a-half years, after holding several other positions there. She coordinated and provided services for adolescents and young adults, their families, the community and Sanctuary Inc.’s partners. This involved minors who ran away from home and were homeless, and those who suffered abuse and neglect.