VIDEO: Calvo-Tenorio Campaign Officially Kicks Off


Guam – The Calvo-Tenorio campaign officially kicked off Sunday night.

Supporters gathered at the campaign headquarters in Anigua for the kickoff.

In his speech Governor Calvo said he is seeking a second term because doesn’t “want anyone coming in to destroy everything we worked so hard to fix.”

“We were able to keep our promises and we did more,” said the Governor. But  he also called for support saying “We’re going to need every vote.”

In his remarks, Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio also urged supporters not to “sit this one out.”

He touted the Administration’s success in paying tax refunds and what he called the “extraordinary turnaround in public schools.”  And on crime he saidWe expanded the hospital, improved its services, attracted another hospital, cut your costs in health insurance … from one working ambulance to a well-run ambulance fleet.”

 And he said we “went from watching the criminals get pardoned, to arresting them like never before.”



READ the release from the Governor’s Office below:

FOUR MORE YEARS: Campaign kicks off; Eddie & Ray ask voters to keep the right direction

The Calvo Tenorio team tonight kicked off its 2014 campaign to Re-eleCT Governor Eddie Baza Calvo & Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio. #fourmoreyears And if you were there, you’d have a hard time figuring out whether it was a Democrat or Republican event. The sea of supporters was a mix of both. And it didn’t matter one way or the other; everyone felt at home with Eddie & Ray.

The candidates, Eddie & Ray, expressed a simple message:

“We can’t afford to go back — in the wrong direction — because we have so much to look forward to with the right direction.”

Rally-goers agreed, as you’ll see in the enthusiasm they’re showing from the selfie Eddie & Ray took right after Eddie’s speech.

The thousands of Guamanians – men, women and children of every race, religion, and belief – who heard this message at the rally agreed. The candidates several times had to yield to the excitement of the crowd during their speeches to chants of #fourmoreyears #bibacalvotenorio  and #imaginemorewithanotherfour

The men shared their rally with other outstanding Republican candidates seeking election: the GOP senatorial candidates and Congressional candidate Margret Metcalfe. Attorney General Lenny Rapadas also addressed the rally.

The Calvo Tenorio campaign, called the Movement for the Right Direction, began organizing last year. Every village has an organization with boots on the ground to ensure victory for Eddie & Ray through a groundswell of grassroots support.

“Everything we did these past four years was for the good of the grassroots. If we’re going to win this election, it will be because the grassroots believe that we will deliver in the next four years like we did in the last four,” said Republican Party of Guam Chairman Mike Benito.

“Eddie and Ray are asking every Guamanian, who is happy with the way the governor and lieutenant governor have been serving, to join their village’s organization. This is where the victory will happen,” Campaign Manager Franklin P. Arriola said.

Eddie & Ray are humbled by the extraordinary outpour of support and commitments for people’s votes. Some leaders in our community took to the stage to endorse Eddie & Ray. Here are some excerpts:

“There’s no reason to change the good things happening for all of the people. Eddie Calvo is doing what we always. He is the right man with the right direction. Please, vote for Governor Calvo.” – Mayor Ben Gumataotao, Piti

“There are two things I see in these leaders. One, that they are consistently looking to do what is right. Second, that they are men of profound humility.” –  Dr. Ansito Walter, UOG professor & former Governor of Chuck

“Now we have good schools. Now we have safe streets. Now our tax refunds are paid on time. Ang pag-mamahal ng Calvo Tenorio sa atin ay kay lakas (The love of Calvo Tenorio for our people is great.)! Calvo Tenorio sees no color, no ethnicity, no language barrier. They celebrate our diversity. This is how they serve the people of Guam, from their heart. They are doing a darn good job. The Calvo Tenorio team is there for the people of Guam. They’re not in it for themselves. Mabuhay Calvo Tenorio. Mabuhay Republican Party!” –   Fe Valencia Ovalles, President, Guam Marianas Training Center

“When I was the Mayor of Yigo, Eddie Calvo was the only senator who fought for the funding we needed to bring sports and youth programs to our villages. And it didn’t matter to him that I was a Democrat, because for him, helping the people means helping everyone. I’ll never forget that display of true leadership. I’m here to support Calvo Tenorio. My whole family is voting for Calvo Tenorio. I’m talking to my supporters in Yigo to vote for Calvo Tenorio. We won’t stop here. We’re going to the Primary Election, and then to the General Election. We will deliver victory for the governor and lieutenant governor so they can continue to lead our island in the right direction.” –   former Yigo Mayor Robert Lizama  

READ Governor Calvo’s speech at the kickoff rally below:

Rally Speech
By Eddie Baza Calvo

My friends…  my family… You are all my family… All of you are here… because you want a better life… Those of you who were held down for so many years, before we came to office.

All of you who struggle every day, wondering how you’re going to afford food at the end of the month… keep the power on… if you have to beg the landlord not to kick you out.

All of you who remember a better life 20 years ago… a life that got harder and harder … and things only started to get better… over the last four years.

If, before you came to us…No one believed in you. If they told you that you should settle for whatever they gave you… Or that their ideas were better than yours…And that you should just be grateful for the crumbs they threw at your feet.

If no one heard you. If no one gave you a second look…   no one took a chance on you. Then this is the place for you, because I value you. I believe in you. I spent these past four years working for you.

My term as your governor has been dedicated to serving you … to humbling myself to the service and the glory of Guam – with the Lord as my Light… and your struggle as my motivation.

And that’s why you are here tonight, smiling, hopeful – not in a perfect position, but better than you’ve been in a long time.

If, before we started our work four years ago, you felt that no one was there for you…And as I ask for your vote tonight…  in your heart you know that…I’m here for you!  The future that we are talking about is you. It is yours. It is now. And we are going to build it together…Ray and me at your side.

Ray described the extraordinary first term we had. There were so many things we turned around for the better … and it was all because of you. We were able to KEEP our campaign PROMISES…  and we did MORE than we said we would. We took care of the past… and set the foundation for the present.

So why do we need a second term? Because I don’t want anyone coming in to destroy everything we worked so hard to fix…. Because we are excited to march back into Adelup with the same energy and passion we used to fix the past … and build the future.

And what does this future look like?


The Guamanian staring back at you will be a homeowner…. and her children will have everything they need… and his weekends will be spent in the backyard and the beach, without worrying about the power bill or the car payment…

And your grandkids…  they won’t just be good at math and science. They’ll play instruments and they’ll love art and they’ll speak of the Chamorro culture with authority and in our native tongue.

For generations to come… our descendants will inherit paradise. They will live in peace and bounty… and the splendor of the city will blend with the serenity of the south.

And everyone – no matter your race or gender, your faith or party, age or disability…  everyone will have a place at the table.

This is what the next four years will be about…in the Calvo Tenorio administration. It’s not about the four years. It’s about using those years to build something that will last beyond the years your grandchildren will inherit.

We are pouring — every ounce — of our love for Guam…into building you up. Why you? Because you’re the future. Because we work for you.

In this election, there’s a team that desires power. And then there’s our team…that SERVES…YOU. I am not your king. I am YOUR servant. And how do you know that I’ll keep this promise for the next four years? It’s because I’ve kept my promises in these first four.

Four years ago they said I wouldn’t understand you… they said I don’t know what it’s like to be poor…But I do know compassion… I do know the Golden Rule…And I do know love. And I love you.

I have felt your pain.  Over the past four years I walked with you…I’ve been in your homes…I’ve listened to your struggles…I’ve mourned with your families…
And I’ve  celebrated your graduations and christenings and weddings.

There couldn’t be a clearer message than this to take to voters about the choice in this election. We can either go back… or we can move in the right direction.

We can make this about the past…Or we can decide to keep it about the future.

In the past… politicians amassed their power by embracing poverty. I don’t want to keep you down. I want to BUILD. YOU. UP.

This is about the future. I want you to be rich.  But not just with material wealth… I want your lives to be rich in spirit.

I want your families to be rich in love. I want you to be rich… with happiness That is the future. That is the Guam I offer you… If I’m so blessed to have your vote for four more years.

If you believe in the future of Guam… Please join me. Please join this movement.

It will be a bumpy journey, and a lot of hard work will be required. We will be tested when the lies come from the shadows… and the nastiness of political campaigns try to destroy our spirits.

Don’t slap them back.  Smile… And pray for them…But just think of the end goal:

We have a future to build. And if we’re going to build it… We’re going to need to rise above the petty politics of the past… And we’re going to need every vote…Go out there… get with your village leader… talk to everyone you run into about voting for Calvo Tenorio.

Let them know our message. Get their phone numbers and email addresses. Be their friends on Facebook. Lead everything to election day… and let’s work to earn every vote to victory.

Thank you, my dear friends. I love you all. God bless you.  And God bless Guam!

And one more thing… that Mirror I asked you to look at… the one that will show you the future? Let’s look at it right now. Can you all take a selfie with me?

READ the Lt. Gov. Tenorio’s speech at the kick off rally below:

Hafa Adai.  Good Evening. Buenas Noches.

Wow.  I’m so touched by the support you are giving us.  Thank you.  You are the reason Eddie and I are running.  You are the reason I’m happy…and you are the reason that WE WILL WIN IN NOVEMBER!

I want to thank my family…my wife Notch, my mother, my sister Teri, my children, my grandchildren, Eddie and his family, and ALL of you for continuing to BELIEVE in THE RIGHT DIRECTION…this movement that you created four years ago.

Eddie was the RIGHT leader to elect in 2010.  AND HE IS THE RIGHT MAN TO RE-ELECT TODAY!!

Twenty years ago, one of Guam’s governors stopped paying tax refunds on time. And then he stopped paying EITC to the working poor. So when Eddie Calvo became the governor four years ago… he stood up for the workers, and stood up for the poor, and he said ‘enough is enough!’

Eddie said:

“We are going to be a voice for the poor and the working class. We are going to end the practice of keeping the people down. We are going to lift the people up.”

And we started that commitment by paying the tax refunds. That is only the beginning of the story of the great Governor Eddie Calvo.

As a son of Guam, he has supported and done everything he can to help each and every one of you succeed.

This island is our home, Yours…mine…and Eddie’s…and Eddie wants the people that call our island, “home” to be the ones on top. Above all else – what makes him stand out as the right Governor… he is HONEST.  And that is so important.

And when there is so much at stake…

WHEN WE CAN EITHER GO BACK TO THE DARK PAST OR TOWARD A BRIGHTER FUTURE…when you have the chance to REALLY CHANGE Guam for the better… Ask yourselves…who do you TRUST to see it all through?

20 years ago…our island started going down the wrong road…AND WE CAN’T AFFORD TO GO BACK to those days.

Many of you remember…and some of you young men and women were barely old enough to open your eyes…but Guam was NOT A GREAT PLACE back then, I know.

WE CAN’T AFFORD TO GO BACK to days when government workers lived in fear….WE CAN’T AFFORD TO GO BACK to days when the help you got had strings attached….WE CAN’T AFFORD TO GO BACK TO THE DAYS OF: Running GPA to the ground…near payless paydays…schools shutting down…waiting for COLA…waiting FOUR YEARS for YOUR tax refunds…waiting for a BED in the EMERGENCY ROOM…waiting for leaders who will deliver more than they promise…waiting for elected officials who believe that accountability and a high standard of service should be the norm…not the exception.

These are FACTS.  And, friends, we have to be sure to remind the voters what the past looked like … and why it’s so important to keep looking ahead instead.


If we make the mistake of going back … we should be prepared to show our children and grandchildren the shadows of our past … and the WRONGS that brought shame on our government.

If we go back, where does that put all the hard work it took to fix the finances…so that we could pay tax refunds, merit bonuses, vendors, COLA, and all the other promises that were broken for TWO decades… that WE fulfilled in our first term??

If the direction we offer is the one that pays the tax refunds and all the bills owed to you… and the direction they went…is the one that withheld your refunds and took away your Earned Income Tax Credit… you tell me which direction is the right one!

If we go back, what happens to the extraordinary turnaround in public schools? I would rather stay on the direction we’re on – with DOE focusing on higher standards, learning, and preparing our children for the future. The Superintendent, the Board, the administrators and teachers, and the parents worked hard to get here… unlike when governors fought against DOE rather than helping them.

We can’t afford to go back to the days when LEADERS tried to SELL OUR WATER RESOURCES.

We worked hard together, to face the problems created over two decades…with solutions and a commitment to truth and excellence.

Guamanians now have confidence that the future is about YOU because we came together to solve the problems someone else made. These problems kept us down. They made life HARDER and HARDER for everyone. We are literally paying for the errors of the past – our power bills, water bills, trash bills –  and you couldn’t pay your own bills because the government itself spent 20 years owing you – your own tax refund.

The people of Guam – especially the poor and the workers – cannot afford to go back to those days. That other direction?  That is the direction of destruction.  That’s the wrong direction.

We want to keep moving in the direction of progress, solutions, and working together. That is the right direction.

And if we want to keep moving in the right direction, then there’s a clear choice to make, and a clear way to move.

This movement is about re-electing EDDIE CALVO to lead Guam in THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

There is so much more he’s done…and it all says one thing about this man: he cares about you. Our island is home to the best people in the world.  And our people deserve the best things in life.  THE BEST.

That’s why we put the brakes on the wrong direction and we gave Guam a new direction. And after four years of hard work – four years of working together with all of you and all of Guam – we turned two decades of declining test scores into a new era in education, where higher standards and accountability over learning will mean great careers for our kids.

After four years of hard work, we went from watching the criminals get pardoned, to arresting them like never before. From one working ambulance to a well-run ambulance fleet.

After four years, we expanded the hospital, improved its services, attracted another hospital, cut your costs in health insurance, and pushed out exercise and nutrition programs that are making people healthier.

After twenty years of rapidly increasing poverty, we began to lift people up with affordable homes, the return and lease of land, and more opportunities for you to start small business.

We’re seeing higher wages, more people working, and more businesses opening shop.

But we’re not satisfied with what we’ve done.  Eddie was able to undo the mistakes of the past…NOW IT’S TIME TO MOVE US TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE.

With Eddie leading…you have a Governor you can count on.  You have a Governor you can trust.  You have a Governor who is tested, proven…and the RIGHT MAN for the job.

But in order for this to happen, in order for this dream to BECOME REALITY…in order for Guam to keep going in the right direction, we need you.

We NEED your vote.
We NEED your family’s vote.
We NEED your friends to vote for us.
We can’t afford to go back.
We can’t afford to undo four years of progress with 20-years worth of trouble.


Spread the word: if you want to keep Guam going in the right direction…if you want Guam to reach her greatest heights…if you want a happy family and a happy life…if you want the Guamanian Dream…vote for us… VOTE FOR CALVO TENORIO!!!

Gob bless us all.  Thank you.  Si Yu’os Ma’ase.  Maramang Slamat Po.