Calvo – Tenorio Claim Victory


Guam – It’s considered the closest race for Adelup in Guam’s history. Both the Gutierrez – Aguon and Calvo – Tenorio Teams fought it out like two heavy weight fighters heading intoWednesday morning. And at the end of this contest, the Calvo Tenorio Team claimed victory by a handful of votes.

The Calvo – Tenorio team campaigned for over 15 months and all that hard work helped them win the closest Gubernatorial race in Guam’s history. Both the Gutierrez – Aguon and Calvo – Tenorio teams battled it out precinct by precinct, village by village into the early morning hours. Only 246 votes separated the two camps with 4 precincts remaining.

Then at 5:30 on Wednesday morning, votes from three of the four remaining precincts were tallied and it pushed the Calvo – Tenorio team to 19,485 votes, giving them a lead by over one hundred votes, but it also gave the camp a 50.21 percent margin. Moments after the numbers were announced, the Calvo – Tenorio Team and its supporters claimed victory for the race to Adelup and erupted with joy. Many of the supporters had tears of happiness including Campaign Manager Frank Ariola.

Ariola  says, “It was pretty emotional. We worked with Eddie and his family and Ray and his family. They are good people and they mean well. I’d like to give my hats off to the Gutierrez – Agoun group. It was a well fought game, the people have spoken and we are looking forward to a brighter future of Guam.”

Eddie Calvo addressed his supporters as the first light of day appeared.

Calvo says, “We want to thank you, our hundred and thousands of supporters who has been with us for the past 15 months and who are here this morning celebrating a new direction, a new direction for our people and our island, the Guamanian Dream.” 

Calvo would also like to congratulate the Gutierrez – Aguon team for running a spirited campaign, but now its time for Guam to unite and become one.

Calvo says, “In this time of this great change that will come upon our beautiful island and are great people, now is the time for all of us to come together as one people… as one people….”

Ray Tenorio says he will help Calvo with the Guamanian dream.

Tenorio alssays in January there will be a new Government and new hope for all the people of Guam

Although the Calvo-Tenorio Team claimed victory Wednesday morning, the results are not official until they are certified by the Guam Election Commission.