Calvo-Tenorio Files 2 FCC Complaints Against CW4


Guam – The Republican Gubernatorial Team of Calvo-Tenorio has filed 2 complaints with the Federal Communications Commission against Marianas Media Investors [MMI], doing business as CW4 [KTKB.]

The complaints allege that MMI failed to keep a political file, that station management, initially,  did not know what a political file was, and that MMI is providing “free” advertising to the Gutierrez-Aguon campiagn while charging a fee to the Calvo-Tenorio campaign, in violation of federal law.

 In a release, the Attorney for the Calvo-Tenorio Campaign, Thomas Fisher,  calls into question the “credibility” of the CW4 news organization and their “reason for existence.” Fisher is quoted in the release as saying  “We’ve always suspected this so-called ‘news’ station was set up this election season to discredit Senators Calvo and Tenorio.”

The basis of the 1st complaint filed by Fisher against CW4 has to do with what Fisher states was MMI’s “failure to disclose its political file,” when Fisher visited the CW4 offices on October 8th  “he was made to wait for several hours, first in the administrative offices and then was told to leave.”

Federal law mandates a public record be kept in the news station and made available immediately upon request.

In the complaint that he filed with the FCC Fisher states: “I believe, based on conversations and events, that no one at the television station knew what a Public File was and equally clear that none existed.”

Read the 1st Calvo-Tenorio complaint against CW4

The second complaint explains that Fisher was finally granted access to CW4’s political file on October October 20th. According to Fisher, the file shows that between June and mid-October of this year KTKB [CW4] “provided air time for hundreds of commercials and production services to our opponents with a value of $151,461.00. We believe this number to be grossly understated and the actual number much higher.”

Read the 2ed Calvo-Tenorio complaint against CW4

Furthermore, Fisher states he”is concerned about the veracity of the file contents. But even assuming the file is truthful, based on a cursory review of our opponents’ filings with the GEC, it appears that CW4 is providing free advertising to the opposing team.”

Federal law mandates that equal opportunity be given to every campaign at the same rate(s).

In addition, the release from the Calvo-Tenorio team points out that Guam Law requires political campaigns to file regular reports with the Guam Election Commission disclosing all campaign contributions and expenditures.

Fisher states that he examined the expense reports filed with the Guam Election Commission by the Gutierrez-Aguon team and compared them to the political file supplied CW4.  Fisher states that the Gutierrez-Aguon “filings with the Guam Election Commission for June 29th, August 25th, September 14th, October 6th, and October 22nd of this year show no payment to KTKB, its licensee KM Communications or parent Marianas Media Inc. for any of these services.”

“Thus, while our opponent enjoys free advertising,”states Fisher, “our campaign must pay, and thus denied equal access in violation of applicable law.”

Fisher is quoted in the release as saying that “These laws exist to protect the public from unscrupulous electioneering.  We’ve always suspected this so-called ‘news’ station was set up this election season to discredit Senators Calvo and Tenorio.”