Calvo-Tenorio: Gutierrez Lawsuit Will Not Interrupt Transition


Guam – In response to the Gutierrez lawsuit, the Calvo-Tenorio team released the following statement:

Frank Arriola, Calvo Tenorio campaign manager and member of the transition team’s executive committee, responds to the Gutierrez Aguon legal challenge to the people’s mandate:

“This is a legal option they have every right to explore because they are dissatisfied with the results. Again, we applaud them for a hard-fought campaign. The people have spoken and the election commission unanimously agreed the people elected Governor-elect Eddie Calvo and Lt. Governor-elect Ray Tenorio.

“Our focus is taking the bi-partisan and non-partisan mandate we received and transition in to the Calvo Tenorio administration. That transition is taking place. Volunteers from all walks of life are immersed in studying the government’s current condition and preparing recommendations for change to the new governor and lieutenant governor.

“There are many pressing issues the new administration must address head on. From all indications, there are several financial challenges in the midst of tens of millions in court-ordered and legislative mandates. The military and other federal officials already are looking to Governor-elect Calvo for his vision and leadership. The governor- and lieutenant governor-elect want to address these hurdles while preparing to implement their blueprint for sustainability. This is a process that will not be interrupted by an optional legal challenge to the people’s mandate.”