Calvo-Tenorio Far Outspend Gubernatorial Rivals


Guam – The Gubernatorial team of Calvo-Tenorio far outspent the other two gubernatorial teams in the Primary election. They spent 3 time more than Gutierrez-Aguon and nearly 6 times more than Cruz-Espaldon.

The candidates campaign contributions and expenditure reports were filed before the Tuesday deadline.

These reports provide detailed breakdowns of how much money the campaigns were able to raise and how much they have spent.

Here is how much each Gubernatorial team raised and spent beginning with the ones who spent the least:

 Mike Cruz & Jim Espaldon

Total Contributions = $267,227

Total Expenditures = $294,569

Carl Gutierrez & Frank Aguon Jr.

Total Contributions = $477,605

Total Expenditures = $477,350

Eddie Calvo & Ray Tenorio

Total Contributions = $1.5 Million

Total Expenditures = $1.4 Million

The next campaign expenditures and contributions report is due ten days prior to the general election and the final one is due 20 days after.