Calvo-Tenorio: Campaign Won’t End Till the Polls Close


Guam – As election day looms closer, the islands Senatorial and Gubernatorial races are coming to an end.

With only one day to go before voters cast their ballots, Republican Gubernatorial candidates, Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio are continuing with what they have been doing for the past 15 months, trying to reach out to the people of Guam.

Calvo says, “We just finished two radio talk shows and after this we will continue to travel throughout the island getting out our word 

Both Calvo and Tenorio feel positive about this campaign and believes that the Calvo – Tenorio team focused on all the issues regarding the people and how to improve the quality of life for the island.

Calvo says, “Our opponents were more emotion and bluster. I think that was shown in the debates. And what has occurred in the result of that, the polls that were taken have showed a nice healthy spike. It’s important that the candidates have put themselves to the public. You’ve seen us in the debates and our opponents. You’ve seen us in public. We are asking you to come out to vote Calvo and Tenorio, thank you.”

Tenorio says, “It’s important that everyone comes out to vote, because every person counts and every vote makes a difference. So please come out to vote.”

Calvo will be voting at 7am at J.Q. San Miguel Elementary School in Mongmong-Toto-Maite. After that he will meet up with Tenorio and they will be making their rounds throughout the island. They don’t intend to stop campaigning until the polls close Tuesday night.

Calvo says Election day will be held on All Souls day, a day that commemorates the faithful departed. He says this is also a time to look back at our history and remember all our loved ones and all our ancestors who helped build this community to where it is today.