Calvo-Tenorio Release Their Policy Platform


Guam – The GOP team of Calvo-Tenorio this afternoon [Thursday] formally released their campaign platform at a news conference at their Headquarters in Hagatna.

Their platform has been dubbed “Blueprint 2020.”

Some of the Highlights of their Platform are listed below:

Managing Resources – The First Order of Business

*   Assess true fiscal condition with all fiscal officers

*    Provide ethics, customer service and procurement training opportunities (on island)

*    Forecast realistic revenues and submit realistic budgets

*    Begin the transition to performance-based budgeting

*    Appointment of good, qualified and fair managers for government employees

The Military Buildup – Making This a Guam Buildup

*   It will be the policy of the new administration to handle the military buildup as a foundational component of economic growth, not the singular avenue toward it

*    Empanel the Guam First Commission and order immediate adoption of the Guam Agenda through and beyond the buildup

*    Eddie Calvo will go to Washington, D.C. and secure commitment to Guam’s agenda for economic prosperity, cultural revitalization and security

*    Create a Program Management Office and align federal and local initiatives and integrate all government efforts into a cohesive system

*    The Program Management Office will handle all military buildup-related projects, executing integrated urban planning, economic initiatives, host community communications with Washington, and post-buildup action plans for sustainability.

Education, Careers and the Economy
This is the cornerstone of the Calvo Tenorio policy plan. The Guamanian Dream only can be attainable and sustainable through the education of the next generation. The candidates see education, career development and economic development as inseparable policy goals. You can’t have a good economy without a strong workforce to build it. You can’t have a strong workforce without good education. All these decisions must be made in concert with the goals and objectives of the other components. Education is the foundational piece. It all truly starts in the classroom. As long as there is a vision and a plan toward vibrant economic growth, everything can flow from there. That is the basis of the Classrooms-to-Careers initiative.


There are a myriad problems to healthcare costs and accessibility. We address these problems with solutions. It starts with improving government health services, the MIP program, funding considerations, etc. We also take a global view of healthcare, culminating in greater access through medical tourism, which will attract more health services to the island. The ultimate goal is the prevention of diseases.

Public Safety
The greatest assurance of our commitment to public safety is the fact that Eddie Calvo chose a police officer to be his lieutenant governor. That commitment starts with increasing law enforcement, giving them more resources and bettering communications and connectivity systems. We address child abuse, sexual assault, drug abuse, family violence and international drug syndicates. We will build more police and fire stations, institute a community role models program and use education as the foremost method of crime prevention.

Protecting Life
The candidates are huge supporters of the right to life. We not only address their plans to limit accessibility to abortions, we also will support social services, foster homes and empowerment programs. We will support parent counseling, discourage teen pregnancy and increase the effort to stop suicide.

Renewable Energy
We will partner with the private sector, leverage resources and provide tax incentives to convert the power generation system to renewable energy production and to make home solar panels more affordable.

We will pursue policies to make veterans services more readily available. This includes empowering the Guam Veterans Commission, working with Washington to establish a claims and benefits center in Guam, caring for the cemetery and building a veterans center.

Rebuilding Hagatna
We will clean the capital city, rebuild its infrastructure, restore parks, facilities and monuments, operate a homeless center, expand the Chamorro Village, restore the Plaza de Espana and rebuild the Guam Legislature.

The Environment
The protection of resources, reforestation, enforcement against graffiti, stray animals solutions, compensation of radiation survivors, recycling, coastal management and other policies will be cornerstones of our efforts to improve the environment.