Calvo: Tenorio still safety czar

Gov. Calvo says Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio stays put as overseer of public safety on Guam, even though he grabbed a policeman's sidearm on Saturday night.

The governor stands by his man, Ray stays right where he’s at

Guam – He surprised an armed cop by grabbing his service pistol at a crowded outdoor event, but the lieutenant governor is still in charge of keeping the island safe. Gov. Eddie Calvo has no plans to remove Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio from overseeing Guam’s public safety agencies.

In the midst of an independent criminal investigation ordered by Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett Anderson against Tenorio for unholstering the weapon, Gov. Eddie Calvo told media gathered in Sinajana for village improvement celebrations on Thursday that he’s disappointed Tenorio grabbed the police officer’s handgun during the Tumon block party last Saturday night. But the governor said he’s glad his second in command has been open and contrite about the incident and that he has no plans to relieve Tenorio of his duties managing police, fire and security.

“No, no I don’t,” Calvo said. “I think you should let things run their course, and they are. At the same time, we understand that this is a heated political season, and there’s enough falsehoods coming to our administration from various sources that, you know, we don’t need to step on our own feet.

“So I talked to the lieutenant governor about it, and, again, he was contrite. But as he works towards going and continuing on his campaign for the governorship, we only have a little bit less than half a year left in my administration; we gotta keep our eyes on the ball and ensure that we get the work done for the people of Guam.”