Calvo-Tenorio Criticize Gutierrez-Aguon for Negative Campaigning


Guam – The Calvo-Tenorio team addressed the Rotary Club of Guam Thursday. The Gutierrez-Aguon team was invited as well but opted not to show up.

The Calvo-Tenorio team spent most of the time speaking about dirty campaigning. “In the politics of the past as the former governor has been running for the last 32 years he has ran many campaigns and he has attacked personally the families and has hurt many people and their feelings that would be ranging from Ricky Bordallo to Tom Ada to Joe Ada and Robert Underwood,” said Ray Tenorio.

 Although he wasn’t specific about what personal attack he was referring to this morning, the Gutierrez-Aguon team issued a press release questioning Tenorio’s divorce and child support case. The release cites court documents that state that Tenorio gave the mother of his children one lump sum payment that was less than child support guidelines while giving up visitation rights to his five children.

 “In the campaigns that we have seen in the past which have basically attacked many of their personal families and lives and children have again reared it’s head this time, and it’s truly unfortunate because this is really a reflection of politics of the past. Eddie and I represent a new direction we will not stoop to the level of others,” said Tenorio.

 Tenorio said that their campaign will instead focus on the issues and how to solve the many problems that Guam faces. Senator Eddie Calvo echoed many of the sentiments of his running mate saying, “Over the past few years in campaigns as it gets heated things just in an otherwise beautiful island sometimes things get ugly.”

 Calvo also defended the integrity of his running mate saying, “Ray as a police officer for nearly fifteen years put his life on the line for the people of this territory and I feel very confident that as Lt. Governor he will be there to serve the people of Guam.” Calvo also spoke to the audience about what he feels were personal attacks against him and his family. “I want to bring up an issue that was so important with my opponent that the man he’s running against because his last name is Calvo it appears to be a sin or something that I should look with shame. Calvo defended his family name speaking about the humble beginnings of his grandfather Eduardo J. Calvo who started out as a messenger boy for the navy owned Bank of Guam. “He sold insurance full time out of his first office which was his house and his living room with my grandfather and my aunt helping him,” explained Calvo adding “And he realized the Guamanian dream, that’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

 Rotary club member Phil Flores explained that the original format would’ve pitted Lt. governor candidates against each other this week followed by the gubernatorial candidates the following week however, since the Gutierrez-Aguon team declined, both Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio spoke in today’s meeting.