Calvo & Tenorio Tout Their Accomplishments at GCC Forum


Calvo & Tenorio Featured at GCC Gubernatorial Forum

Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo and Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio spoke to Guam Community College students as part of GCC’s political forums.


 Right off the bat Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio challenged the notion that former Governor Carl Gutierrez has been more accessible to the public than Governor Eddie Calvo. He pointed to a newspaper clipping of a Chamoru nation demonstration at Adelup when Guiterrez was governor. “This is a gentlemen who was dragged out of the way because he was trying to have a conversation with the Governor. Wouldn’t stop him from leaving Adelup essentially was blocked and taken away by police officers,” said Lt. Governor Tenorio.

 Governor Eddie Calvo spoke about the accomplishments of his administration. He spoke about paying out tax refunds. He also spoke about how he was touched by the people he visited in the Gil Baza subdivision and how happy he was to pave a road leading into their neighborhood. “Have you been to Gil Baza lately? Well [at] the ribbon cutting there’s one of those young beautiful ladies that was in a bus that had to take that mile and a half walk. Gil Baza was paved. Now I know we still have to pave more roads but I must tell you when you see it over the last twelve and a half years there have been more miles of road paved on this island than in the last 15 years,” said Calvo. The Governor also said it was the Gutierrez administration that allowed the substandard living conditions of the Gil Baza subdivision. “How the heck did the government get these approvals and by the way those approvals for Gil Baza and that subdivision started during the term of my opposition his agencies allowed that subdivision to open. No water line and no sewer line over an aquifer lens. So not only was there an unsanitary situation for those families but there was also a potential for an environmental disaster if sewage, raw sewage were to go into our aquifer lens,” said Governor Calvo. GCC’s Gubernatorial forum continues this evening this time students will hear from former Governor Carl Gutierrez and his running mate Gary Gumataotao.