Calvo-Tenorio Transition Team Calls for a Halt to All “Non-Critical” Spending Now


Guam – A release from the Calvo-Tenorio Transition team is calling for “fiscal restraint” to ensure the government can continue providing services when the new administration takes office in January.

The release calls for an immediate stop on all “non-critical spending.” And the release makes recommendation on what those “non-critical” items would be. 

The transition teams statement was issued by Transition Team Co-Chairs Jerry Crisostomo and Dan Tydingco and it has been sent to all current and incoming elected officials, including Governor Felix Camacho, Lt. Governor Mike Cruz, Governor-elect Eddie Calvo, Lt. Governor-elect Ray Tenorio, members of the 30th Guam Legislature, and Senators-elect.

The statement from the Transition team is recommending the following actions to “stem further fiscal erosion”:

* Suspend the approval and modification of all contracts (leases, personnel, services) which may bind the taxpayers for a prolonged period of time and at great cost;

* Temporary deferral of action on all personnel actions (promotions, salary increments, above-step recruitments, reclassifications, reassignment of pay ranges and adverse actions unless such adverse actions are time sensitive);

* Deferral of all appropriations measures, unless such appropriations are of an emergency nature and declared as such;

* Immediate communication with federal authorities to defer or re-structure court mandated obligations until such time the local government is financially positioned to resume its overarching responsibility to adequately ensure public health, safety and education;

* Immediate empanelment of a legislative-executive branch workgroup to undertake the general concepts proposed by Vice-Speaker Benjamin Cruz for a Fiscal Revenue Enhancement and Deficit Commission.

“As key opinion leaders who currently hold office or will be entering office, your action on suppressing and containing unfunded and unbudgeted initiatives is needed now, before the new gubernatorial and legislative terms commence in a few weeks,” Tydingco and Crisostomo wrote.

The release goes on to state:

The requests were made as the team’s subcommittees are informally reporting an urgent need to address current and mounting financial problems within the government. A final report from the Executive Committee will be presented to the governor- and lieutenant-governor elect next week.

“We have tremendous respect for everyone elected to public service.  Our families count on them to give the quality services they deserve.  These ideas will not solve our government’s financial problems by any means, but it is a good first step.  We look forward to discussing them further with our leaders,” Crisostomo said.

“Our transition team is still trying to get a clear picture of the shaky financial health of our government.  These requests will help to contain our growing deficit.  Our incoming Senators, Governor-elect Calvo, and Lt. Governor-elect Tenorio will need to make tough decisions come January.  We want to begin the much-needed talks between our leaders as soon as possible,” Tydingco added.