Calvo-Tenorio Pull Out of GMA Debate


Guam – Calvo-Tenorio Campaign Chairman Mike Benito this afternoon [Monday] informed the Guam Medical Association that Calvo Tenorio cannot, in good conscience, participate in their debate.

“The only media station allowed to broadcast this debate live has broken federal laws and clearly is opposed to our campaign,” Benito said. “We will participate in the Chamorro debate, the Okkodo High School debate and the Great Debate. These are events not surrounded in controversy or questionable circumstances. In this campaign and in their administration, Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio will not surround themselves in questionable activity.”

The Calvo Tenorio team has participated in every debate and forum they were invited to. Gutierrez failed to show up to four debates:

1. Association of Government Accountants debate

2. Harvest Christian Academy debate

3. Rotary Club of Guam forum

4. YVote forum

Monday evening, Benito revised his initial release saying that Calvo-Tenorio might reconsider if CW4 relinquishes its relationship with CW4.

“CW4 is the only ‘news’ organization that has violated federal law. While the other news organizations are allowed other types of coverage, the Guam Medical Association is unwilling to break CW4’s monopoly on live television broadcast of this event. If the GMA allows Pacific News Center live television broadcast rights and relinquishes its relationship with CW4, we will reconsider our decision.”