Governor’s Office to Gutierrez: “This is a Smokescreen”


Guam – In response to former Governor Gutierrez’s letter to Governor Eddie Calvo, the Administration’s Communications Director Troy Torres Wednesday released a statement calling the democratic response to Governor Calvo’s veto of the election reform measure, Bill # 413,  “a smokescreen.”


READ Communication’s Director Troy Torres’ response to Gutierrez’s letter in FULL below: 

“We all know this is a smokescreen, and the attempt to recreate the election of 2010 has nothing to do with the thousands of voters. If the former governor and his cohorts in the legislature were sincere about election reform, then they would have reformed the election process after the botched 1998 gubernatorial election where dead people were voting. I should remind the public that these are the same cohorts in the legislature who opposed paying them their tax refunds, opposed the military buildup, and remained silent on the major problems in education. Chief among them is the senator who said he’d rather continue owing the people their money than owing a bank.

If you want to keep elections fair and clean, the way to do that is to stop cheating and we know where the cheating happened and it wasn’t with the Calvo Tenorio team. The election is done and the people have moved forward. Governor calvo is concentrating all of his time on the fight against poverty, the improvement of services and building a strong future and a strong community. This includes tax refunds, education, roads, the price of gas and electricity. Name the issue that affects real people and not politics and we’re on it. We wish the Democratic leadership would just get over it and pay attention to the issues of the working poor and the struggling families in this island.”