Calvo to represent Trump in presidential town hall meeting

Former Guam governor Eddie Calvo will represent President Trump in a town hall meeting this weekend.

The Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote ((APIAVote) is sponsoring a presidential town hall meeting this weekend at which Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will answer questions from a panel that includes former Guam governor Eddie Calvo.

President Trump appointed former governor Calvo, along with former Guam Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks, to the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders last December.

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Now Trump has tapped the former Guam Republican governor to represent him.

And Calvo, along with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, will be questioned by a panel on issues affecting Asian-Americans.

“It will be some reporters and some of those that represent this constituency at the town hall listening to vice-president Biden and asking him questions and then it will be this same group of reporters and the same constituents in this town hall that will be listening to the case I put forward for the re-election for President Trump. At the same time, they will be proffering questions to myself on the Trump vision of America and particular focus on Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders,” Calvo said.

As an Asian Islander, a Republican, and a strong supporter of President Trump, it’s not surprising that Calvo was chosen to be Trump’s surrogate.

“I was blessed the last two years to work with the Trump administration. And I can candidly tell you that most of the progress that occurred in dealing with the federal government and working resolution to issues came in my last two years in office working with the Trump administration. So I guess that is really why President Trump has asked me to represent the campaign in this town hall meeting,” Calvo said.

Calvo’s two terms in office overlapped President Obama’s second term and the current term of President Trump and he makes no secret of who he feels was the better president, especially for Guam’s needs.

“What did President Trump say? He’s campaigning for the forgotten people. And you look at the island of Guam and I think for many leaders in Washington D.C., for many in the establishment, both in Democrat and Republican establishments, I think, we were the forgotten people. We’re not forgotten anymore,” Calvo said.

The town hall takes place Saturday, 3 pm, Eastern Standard Time, which is 5 am, Sunday morning here on Guam. You can tune in by going to