Calvo Urges Lawmakers to Pass “Infant Child’s Right to Life Act” and “Informed Consent” Bill


Guam – (Thursday, November 7) – Governor Eddie Calvo today issued a statement urging Guam Lawmakers to pass the “Infant Child’s Right to Life Act.”

Bill #195 was introduced by Senator Frank Aguon Jr.  It requires a physician performing an abortion to take all medically appropriate steps to preserve the life of an infant who remains alive following the abortion procedure. And it would also impose criminal penalties for failing to take reasonable steps to keep the child alive.

The proposal is under discussion today in the legislature.

In his statement, the Governor calls on lawmakers “to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.” 

He urges them to pass not only Bill #195, but Bill #193 as well. Bill #193 was moved to the 3rd Reading File Tuesday. That is Senator Dennis Rodriguez’s informed consent bill for women seeking an abortion.

READ the release from Governor Calvo below:

Governor“Please pass these bills with their intent intact.  We must continue to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. We, as a community embracing a culture of life, hear the cries of children who have a right to be born, just as all of us have the right to live.  I will continue to dedicate my time to unborn children – to the memory of those who never knew life outside the womb, and to the great hope that every unborn child from this date will live life to the fullest.  I beg of every senator to be a voice for the voiceless.”
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

Governor pleads for senators to save the lives of the unborn                               
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo is asking for senators to pass two important bills that protect the lives of the unborn.  Bills 193 and 195 will save lives by protecting an infant’s right to live and through arming expectant mothers with information about the potential harms of abortions.

Current bills similar to legislation introduced by Calvo as a senator                   
Governor Calvo introduced similar legislation when he was a senator, but those bills were never voted on, despite repeated attempts to get them on the legislative floor.

With heated debate, Calvo asks Legislature to remember the bills’ intent        

Debate on these bills has been heated.  Governor Calvo pleads with senators to remember the important intent of the legislation.

“I’ve been on the session floor before, and I know that heated debate can sometimes cloud your judgment.  All I ask is that senators remember what these bills are about: saving lives.  If we just save the life of one baby, if we can bring just one Guamanian into a bright future, we have done our job: to protect the sanctity of life,” he said.

Bills would protect God’s most precious gifts  
“We are about to enter the season of hope, and these bills represent my hope for the future generations of Guamanians,” Governor Calvo added.  “Let’s start this time of giving by protecting God’s most precious gifts: the love of a child, the love of a parent, and the boundless possibilities of life.”