Calvo’s SelectCare offers program to lower prescription drug costs


As families deal with job cuts, work furloughs, and unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is good news for those who need help dealing with the high cost of prescription drugs.

In partnership with its pharmacy benefit manager OptumRx, Calvo’s SelectCare is making a new free pharmacy discount program available to help consumers in Guam and the CNMI.

Optum Perks is a pharmacy drug savings program that offers free coupons and discount cards for thousands of prescriptions at pharmacies across the island. The coupons and discount cards deliver savings of up to 80% and help lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Optum Perks is not an insurance program and there are no fees, no expiration dates and no credit cards needed. It is designed for consumers without insurance, but can be used by everyone, even if they have insurance. It was specifically created to help all consumers save money on their medications.

Because the program negotiates lower costs with drug companies and pharmacies, consumers pay less for their medications, improving access so consumers can better take care of their health. One example is a consumer taking Prednisone for arthritis. Normally, the consumer would pay $20 for a 30-day supply based on the cash price set by the local pharmacy. However, using the program, the consumer would pay $10 for a 30-day supply, saving upwards of $120 a year on the medication.

So far, Optum Perks has saved users in the U.S. over $1.7 billion in prescription medications at over 64,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Local pharmacies on Guam and Saipan participating in the Optum Perks program include, Sagan Amot, Perezville Pharmacy, ITC Pharmacy, Mega Drug, Community Pharmacy, Express Med, Minutes Rx, Pacific Healthcare Pharmacy, Guam Rexall Drugs, K-Mart, Guam SDA Clinic Pharmacy, and SuperDrug, Phi Pharmacy and Brabu Pharmacy.

Go to to search for a specific drug, check the price and locate the nearest participating pharmacy on Guam, the CNMI, or in the U.S. Take the coupon or text that you receive to your pharmacy to save on your next prescription.

(Calvo’s SelectCare News Release)