Calvo/Tenorio Announce Heads of Economic Affairs and Others


Guam – The Calvo/Tenorio team are continuing to select people for key positions within the government of Guam.



Today they announced that Henry Taitano would be the governor’s special assistant for economic affairs, Eddy Reyes the director of the Guam buildup office, former district court judge John Unpingco will be the governor’s special assistant/administrator of the veteran’s affairs office, Anisia Terlaje will be the director of land management, and Pete Calvo the director of parks and recreation. Late Friday evening the Republican team announced that former senator Tony Lamorena would take the helm of the civil service commission. Also, former unified courts chief probation officer Edward Alvarez will lead the commission on decolonization and public relations professional Cathy Gogue will run PBS Guam. Governor elect Eddie/Calvo says that they want to make sure that most of their cabinet is in place before they take office the Calvo/Tenorio team are scheduled to officially take office on January 3rd when they are sworn in during an inauguration ceremony.