Calvo/Tenorio Appoint Tydingco/Crisostomo To Lead their Transition Team


Guam – Governor elect Eddie Calvo and Lt. Governor Elect Ray Tenorio have announced that Dan Tydingco and Jerry Crisostomo will co-chair their transition team. The team will work on the transition of power from the Camacho/Cruz administration to the Calvo/Tenorio administration.

“Again the democratic process is moving forward. The Guam Election Commission has certified the results of the election and Ray and I have put together our transition team and we believe this team brings a good balance of many years of government experience both of the Republican party and the Democratic party,” said Governor Elect Calvo.

Joining Tydingco and Crisostomo on the executive committee of the transition team are Eddie Ardonez, Rose Ramsey, Frank Arriola, Bernie Artero, and Mike Benito. This executive committee will oversee various subcommittees that will be tasked at conducting a sort of inventory of Guam’s healthcare, public safety and other agencies. Jerry Crisostomo says this isn’t the only thing they’ll be looking at. “A new committee that I’ve not seen in previous transitions is customer service and we campaigned on the premise that taxpayer is king and how we treat our taxpayers and our people has to be paramount on government service,” said Crisosotomo.

 One of the major things that the transition team will look at immediately is Gov Guam’s financial condition. “There is a number of fiscal realities that we know are presently and clearly not on the horizon but are before the island right now,” said Tydingco. He adds that one of the first things they will do is conduct a “top-down” review of the structural and organizational challenges that Gov Guam is facing. This transition team will also make recommendations should be selected as cabinet members but the lt. governor and governor elect will ultimately make that decision.

 Governor-elect Calvo continues to pledge that he will bring everyone together to meet the challenges of the military buildup which is why he will convene for the first time the Guam first commission. This commission was created by law through a bill that Democrat Senator Rory Respicio introduced.