Calvo/Tenorio Hire Security to Guard Ballot Boxes At GEC


Guam – The Calvo/Tenorio team has hired a guard to watch over the room that holds the ballots boxes at the Guam Election Commission.

Denanche security has been hired to patrol the hallway and watch over the conference room on the second floor of the GCIC building where the ballot boxes are stored. A guard has been placed on 24 hour watch of the ballot box area since yesterday. GEC Executive director John Blas says that the GEC has nothing to do with the guard. “That security guard is not contracted by the Guam Election commission my understanding from when the board was supposed to meet yesterday I was informed by attorney Tom Fisher the attorney with the Calvo/Tenorio team that the security is there at their expense,” explained Blas.

 The Calvo/Tenorio team sent the following statement attributed to Phillip Leon Guerrero transition team spokesman: “If there is to be a recount, and until either that happens or the ballots are certified, we want to ensure those ballot boxes remain untouched. we are ensuring the protection of the people’s mandates.”