Calvo/Tenorio Release Their Platform: BluePrint 2020


Guam – With a little over a week and a half left before the general election the Calvo/Tenorio team released their platform today. The central theme of their platform is educating the people of Guam to prepare them to fill the jobs and new industries that should arise out of the military buildup.

 They call it blueprint 2020. “The cornerstone the cornerstone of this blueprint is our people and particularly it’s our youth. the cornerstone will be education it will be the investment in education that will build our future,” said Calvo. How exactly will the Calvo-Tenorio team improve education? A major part of their plan includes what they call a classroom to careers initiative. The initiative involves figuring out what kind of jobs and industries will be available in the future and then having the schools on Guam prepare students for those jobs or providing incentives to entrepreneurs to establish new industries. “It’s giving information to the people of Guam in either getting an education or building a career or starting a new business,” said Calvo.

 So what kind of new industries does the Calvo-Tenorio team believe may be viable in Guam’s future? Well they believe that Guam should capitalize on the fact that it is the U.S. in Asia. “If the United States is still the preeminent source for education for medicine and for technology and we are part of the united states but we happen to be in the neighborhood of Asia can’t we leverage that?” asked Calvo adding, “We got the global hawks we got the stealth bombers we got these fast attack submarines there’s gonna be nuclear powered aircraft carriers coming to this island there’s going to be fast amphibious assault vessels for the marines that are 21st century so your having companies like LockHead martin and Mitsubishi coming to Guam that’s high technology so if it has defense applications can it not have civilian applications?”

 Calvo and Tenorio vow to make this a Guam buildup and not just a military buildup but a buildup that they say will be driven by their administration and not by the federal government. Their blueprint also includes improving press relations, respecting the freedom of information, keeping an open door policy at Adelup, working closer with island mayors, prioritizing the payment of tax refunds, performance based budgeting, revitalizing Hagatna, and saying no to new taxes. Calvo admitted that many of the things in their platform are promises that both sides may make. “Look at our records and look at our opponents records and from there it’s up to and again the most important ones to decide is the voters of our island who do they rely on who do they trust in keeping their word?” remarked Calvo.

 The Calvo-Tenorio team also promises to be aggressive in their negotiations with federal leaders to ensure that the community of Guam is not shortchanged in the course of this military buildup.