Calvo/Tenorio Team Accuse Gutierrez Camp of Spreading Forged Campaign Document


Guam – A criminal complaint has been filed with the A.G.’s office and the Guam Police Department by the Calvo/Tenorio campaign because of what they say is a false Calvo/Tenorio campaign document.



 The document consists of a flier using the name of the Calvo/Tenorio platform known as blueprint 2020. The flier states that the Calvo/Tenorio administration plans on laying off Gov Guam employees. this is something that the Calvo/Tenorio team say is completely false and a complete forgery. “All

 Government of Guam workers that may be receiving it’s about you blueprint 2020 transition plan draft with a forged signature by our marketing manager that this is untrue and the provisions placed in here with regards to cuts in on personnel in different departments are untrue,” said Calvo. The Calvo/Tenorio believe the fake campaign document is being circulated by their opponents as a desperate attempt to sway the election. The Gutierrez/Aguon campaign however deny this. In a statement they released this afternoon they say “Any notion that the Gutierrez/Aguon campaign has enough free time on it’s hands to concoct a phony transition document is silly.”