Camacho Held on $500K Cash Bail on Kidnapping, Robbery & Terrorizing Charges


Guam – Kyle J. Camacho told the Guam Police Officer who interviewed him that he approached a woman sitting in her car Saturday night, cuffed her, pulled a knife on her, and drove her away in her car to Marbo cave.

It happened around 8 pm inside the Micronesia Mall parking garage.

According to the Magistrate’s complaint, the 20 year old Dededo resident admitted to GPD Officer K.J. Corpuz that the woman initially “struggled”, but “he then pulled a folding knife and showed it” to her.

Although the knife was in the “closed position … the victim then cuffed herself at his instruction,” states the report, and Camacho then drove her car, with the woman handcuffed in the back seat, out of the parking garage to the Marbo Cave area.

READ the Magistrate’s report HERE [scroll down, Camacho Magistrate 6th one down]

The victims sister was also in the parking garage, but not in her sister’s 2013 Honda Civic. She told police she heard her sister scream and, as she approached the car, her sister warned her not to call police or “the man would kill her.”  

Camacho is a Level One Sex Offender who was convicted on June 25 last year of 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct involving an 11 year old girl.

READ Camacho’s record on the Guam Sex Offender website HERE

It was GPD Officer Corpuz who later spotted the car in the Marbo Cave area around 9:30pm. As he approached, he said the car began to move, but he ordered the driver to stop and get out. Camacho surrendered without incident and the victim was found in the back seat with her hands handcuffed behind her.

The victim had circular bruises, “possibly bites to her upper arm”, bruises as well to both her wrists, bruises to her chest and lower neck, bruises to the right side of her face and on her forehead. 

The victim told Officer Corpuz she was getting into her car and Camacho got in with her “and shoved her face … demanded she give him her cell phone” and then “handcuffed one of her hands and then punched her in the face several times until she allowed him to cuff her other hand.”

Camacho was ordered held on $500-thousand dollar cash bail Monday on charges of kidnapping, robbery and terrorizing as well as a special allegation of using a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony.