Camacho Pardons Total of 12 People this week.


Guam – Governor Camacho signed 8 pardons on Wednesday and four more pardons today.




Today the governor approved the pardons of Mr. Daniel Gumataotao, Kala Jo Taitague, Steven Muna, and Chris Brub for various crimes ranging from theft to possession of a firearm. However yesterday the governor pardoned 8 people including his brother-in-law Anthony Gumataotao Garcia. Garcia was convicted of theft of property as a third degree felony conspiracy to commit theft of property as a 2nd degree felony and possession of a schedule II controlled substance as a 2nd degree felony. Governor Camacho also pardoned Marc Magpantay, Benny Blas, Rosalyn Anderson, Jeremiah Manley, Billy Chiguina, Phillip Cruz, and Paulito P. De Joya. These pardons are a result of a lengthy process that leads to the recommendation of the pardon review board.