Governor Camacho On The Campaign and the Buildup


Guam – With only four days to go until the general election and just after back to back days of Gubernatorial debates. Out going Governor Felix Camacho predicts who the winner will be for Tuesdays Gubernatorial election and some of the challenges the new governor may face in the coming years.

For the past two days,  the Gubernatorial teams of Gutierrez – Aguon and Calvo – Tenorio battled it out on the stage during the Guam Medical Association Debate held at the Hyatt Regency on Wednesday night and the Great Debate held Thursday night at the University of Guam. Camacho admits he did not watch a lot of TV coverage of these debates, but he predicts that the Calvo – Tenorio team will win the outcome of Tuesdays Gubernatorial Election.

Camacho says, “As I look at the way things are laid out, I think many people will say that the good Governor Carl had his time, and perhaps its time to let the next generation, Calvo Tenorio, step in and give it a shot. And I think that’s the reason why people are going to go with someone new and some one fresh that can try to make a difference. Versus someone who has been there before and had their time, what are you going to do now that you didn’t do in the eight years you were already given.”

According to Camacho,  That’s the reason why the Calvo – Tenorio team may come out ahead. He believes there might be many challenges for the new governor in the years to come involving the military buildup if it goes as planned. Camacho says this is still subject to the politics of both Washington DC and Japan.

Camacho believes that Guam should not give up more land to the military. He says the solution for additional land needed for a firing range can be found in other parts of the Northern Marianas such as Pagan Island. He says there needs to be a balance with the on going military build up. Camacho says over the past 8 years his administration built a bridge for future generations.

Camacho says, “I have always told our people that we are the ones that will lay the corner stones, plume the lines and lay a solid foundation. Now they can move forward and build upon that.”

Camacho believes in the years to come there will have a bright future for the next governor and for our island