Cameron Seeks Input From Experts to Make Guam Museum “World Class”


Guam- Department of Chamorro Affairs President Joseph Cameron will be meeting with experts off island to help make the new Guam museum a world class facility.

Cameron says he will be going to the annual meeting of the American Association of Museums in the U.S. mainland on May 20. He mentions this a great opportunity for Guam to network with other specialists and look at options to bring traveling exhibits and artifacts in the future. He believes it’s time the museum bring cultural tourism back to the island.

“I will have a first hand opportunity to meet with the specialists” said Cameron. “And there’s about maybe 130 break out sessions throughout the 3 day expo seminar. I think it’s intimately a requirement of Guam to make sure it places its footprints as we move forward to the actual and eventual building of a world class museum”

With funding in place, Cameron adds the new Guam museum is estimated to be completed in 3 years. He also hints the facility will be technologically driven.