Camp Blaz: Far From Completion

Environmental and cultural advocates are not too happy about it.


Environmentalists and cultural advocates disapprove of Camp Blaz.

Camp Blaz is still far from completing its construction. With the local community eager to be informed about the military’s activities, Camp Blas site specialists held a press briefing to share some of their developments.

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Camp Blaz: A tremendous environmental concern

Camp Blaz anticipates to complete construction near the turn of the decade in 2029. So far, Joint Region Marianas and Marine Corps Base Camp Blas have been developing major projects such as:

1) The Live Fire Training Complex
2) The Multi-Purpose Machine Gun Range
3) The Urban Training Complex and
4) Utilities and Site Improvements.

Based on workshop presentations, nearly 3,000 acres of land will be developed.

A map of Camp Blaz
A map of Camp Blaz

We spoke to Senator Sabina Perez, a strong advocate of environmental and cultural preservation on the island.

She expressed her disapproval over the the military’s developments. But she looks forward to a more open discussion with the Department of Defense.

“Basically what we’re seeing is the systematic destruction of our historic sites and our natural sites as well,” Perez solemnly said.

“As we’ve said before,” she added. “We’ve got to protect what we have left.”

Prutehi Litekyan founder, Monaeka Flores, commented:

“We’re disturbed and upset.”

Flores told PNC that there was no representation of the original landowners, which Flores said, was the “MOST DISTURBING.”

Reassurances and mitigation efforts

Despite the worries and protests that environmental and cultural advocates have expressed throughout the life of Camp Blas, site specialists gave some reassurance through their field expertise.

Camp Blaz site specialists hold press briefing to give updates on Camp Blaz
Camp Blaz site specialists hold press briefing to give updates on Camp Blaz.

Albert Borja, Camp Blaz Environmental Director said, “We will be delivering on those environmental mitigation requirements as required of us through our agreements and commitments.”

Officials anticipate finishing the barracks in time for the arrival of Marines from Okinawa.

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