Campaign Signs Must Come Down by Wednesday


Guam – Campaign season is over and it’s been about two weeks since the general election. However, there are still campaign signs along Guam’s roadways and by Guam law those signs must come down by Wednesday.

 Campaign signs have become a familiar sight during Guam elections. They have also become familiar sights well after elections are over. When should candidates take their signs down? We spoke to DPW director Andy Leon Guerrero. “In this case the general was November 2nd they actually have 15 calendar days before they take down the signs or are required to take down the signs.”

 That gives candidates until the 17th to take them down. That’s this Wednesday. We drove around parts of the island today and found that most campaign signs have been taken down. There are still however quite a few left standing. Leon Guerrero says there are also fees involved with putting up campaign signs.”What we assess actually is a total of three hundred when they come in and request for a permit for campaign signs a hundred of that actually is utilized by the DPW and goes into the general fund and the remaining two hundred is really for more or less a bonding fee,” explained Leon Guerrero.

 The bonding fee is to ensure that candidates take their signs down. If they don’t take their signs down 15 days after an election they forfeit the $200 dollars. “Not only do we keep the $200 dollar bond money but we will go out and take down the signs ourselves,” said Leon Guerrero adding, “just a simple reminder to those that had actually campaigned and put signs up if you wanna get your $200 dollars back and save DPW the time and the effort to actually go out there and take the signs down it would be a good idea if you did that by the seventeenth.”