Campillo Replies to Acting Governor’s Letter Questioning Calvo’s SelectCare Rates


Guam – Calvo’s Select Care Health Plan Administrator Frank Campillo has sent a letter to Acting Governor Mike Cruz in reply to a letter Cruz sent concerning the Government of Guam Health Insurance Program.

In the letter Campillo outlined the steps taken to negotiate and justify the rate increase in the GovGuam insurance plan for the upcoming fiscal year.  Campillo also states that both plans offered in FY2011 are less expensive than the SC1000 plan offered in FY2010 and significantly less expensive than the last first dollar benefit plan that was offered to GovGuam in FY2007.  He also made mention of new federal guidelines for health insurance providers that go into effect on October 1st.

Read Campillo’s Letter to Acting Governor Cruz

Campillo urged Cruz to meet with the Government of Guam negotiating team to review the data to see “that the rates are fair and equitable.”