Can Guam set a world record for stone slinging?


Learn Chamorro’s Executive Director is at the forefront of the world-record breaking attempt.

Guam – Troy Aguon, the Executive Director of the Learn Chamorro project is set on finding out if Guam can set a world record for stone slinging.

Aguon believes his upcoming stone slinging event is an opportunity to raise awareness on our indigenous practices while setting a world record.

And he’s open to suggestions on what activity you think the public here on Guam can pull off for a world record.

“[The event] is scheduled for March. What we’re doing is we’re flying out the Guinness Book of World Record judge from London. So, they’re going to come out and validate our attempts for a few world record breaking events,” Aguon said.

Aguon says one of the ideas suggested was to make the world’s largest sling and world’s largest sling stone.

If you want to make any suggestions for a record-breaking activity to attempt, you can contact Aguon at