Cancer Patient Kicked Off United Airlines Flight: Lawsuit


A woman suffering from cancer is suing United Airlines for forcing her off a plane after she had already boarded.

Guam – A woman suffering from cancer is suing United Airlines for kicking her off a flight bound for Guam last month.


Christine Palacios filed a federal lawsuit against the airline after she says she already boarded a flight on December 18, along with her doctor and medical equipment. Palacios says she was in Manila for treatment, suffering from metastatic cancer, respiratory failure, severe fatigue and wasting.

She flew to Manila on business class and tried to purchase another business class ticket back to Guam, realizing that her medical condition required the additional space. But Palacios says United Airlines denied her a business class ticket because she failed to book it within 24 hours, despite the fact that business class seats were available.

She agreed to sit in economy, but United Airlines employees forced her off the plane, she says, along with her luggage.

As a result of what she called willful misconduct, Palacios says she suffered severe and grievous injuries. The incident aggravated her medical condition and caused her medical expenses to increase as well.

She is asking that she be reimbursed, but she did not ask for a specific amount. Palacios is also asking for a jury trial.

You can read the lawsuit by clicking on the file below.



  1. I’m not trying to be unsympathetic to this woman’s complaint but I have some questions. First, what occurred on the plane that led to United kicking her off? Second, I’m sure that United employees are well versed on customer service. Did this woman take the liberty of exaggerating her claims that she suffered severe and grievous injuries? Third, if she did suffer severe and grievous injuries, why weren’t the police contacted? I really would like to hear the airline’s side of the story.

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