Cannabis board encouraged by turnout at first public hearing


Members of the Guam Cannabis Control Board (CCB) were encouraged by the
relatively large number of participants during the kickoff of the public hearing Thursday on the proposed rules and regulations for adult-use cannabis sales.

CCB chairman Vanessa Williams said there were about 42 participants in the Zoom meeting conducted by the board, which is bigger than any of the Zoom meetings conducted by the board so far this year.

Among those who testified were Roots LLC, Grassroots Guam’s Andrea Pellacani, Jessie Bamba, Josh Camacho, Department of Agriculture head Chelsea Muna-Brecht, and Devyn Suzuki of Atmosphere Cannabis Collective.

“I really appreciate you coming out and providing your oral testimony, all of you. That was very well taken. I really appreciate hearing that and I can assure you that all the members of the board are present tonight and we will be looking at those comments and concerns that have been shared,” Williams said.

She added: “We’re very encouraged by the number of participants we see tonight. It’s definitely a lot more participation than we’ve gotten in the past year of our meetings. And we really hope to maximize feedback, so please continue to testify. And if you would like to submit written testimony, you can submit that too. And that will go to all of the board members and become part of the record.”

Board member Adrian Cruz said he really encourages the public to engage with the commission.

“I know that there have been sentiments that … you know … the board came up with their rules and we’re not going to change our mind. But I can assure you that quite to the contrary, we are very open. We are looking forward to engaging with you because I think at the end of the day, we all want a successful new industry on Guam. And so please speak your mind,” Cruz said.

Board member Therese Arriola added that there are two more public hearings left, one at 5:30 pm today and the whole day tomorrow from 9 am to 5 pm.

She also thanked the DRT compliance branch for staffing the meeting.

The Zoom Meeting ID: 698 255 5129 PW: CCBGUAM (Meeting is limited to the first 100 participants.)

Or, if you want to testify in person, the venue is Large Conference Room at Governor’s Complex in Hagatna. In compliance with DPHSS guidelines, the maximum capacity of the large conference room is five occupants.